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Since 1980 our pottery studio has created  hand crafted earthenware designed, glazed and fired all in the village of Tintagel.

The process of creating handcrafted earthenware takes a great deal of time and care.


First the item is thrown on the potters wheel and left to dry for 3-4 days. Next the items are biscuit fired giving them a terracotta finish. The hand mixed glaze is then applied and the products are left to dry again. Finally they return to the kiln for their final fire and are ready for shipping. This process results in a one of a kind natural and durable finish to each of our products. 

From cups to vases, essence burners to bowls, here at St Nectans pottery we have a wide selection on offer in our range of glazes.

Browse our online shop to see our full product range.

Our studio in Tintagel is open to the public so if you're visiting the area come in and say hello.

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